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July 2007
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So I went to see Harry Potter with Kristin and I loved it!!!  The people behind us had to be annoyed with me because every 10 minutes I'd turn to Kristin and asked who was who and what was happening.  Because sadly I've never read the books!!!  But since I've seen all the movies and not read the books I know some of what's going on but not all of it.  My brother got the first two books so now I'm reading them.  So I can finally know what's going on!!!  I'm in the middle of the first one right now.  I didn't know how good it is!!!  When I was younger I tried to read it I got bored of it in the first chapter but now that I'm older I can't put it down!!!  I'm hopefully going to finish the first tonight or tomorrow!

YAY  I finally got the first season of Rome!!!  Thanks to my brother!  He paid for half of it so now I can watch Rome whenever I want!!!  Last Thursday my friends and I went to see the Invisible at the dollar theatre.  It was a pretty good movie but I was upset that the girl died!!!  My friends and me were kind of hoping that she ended up with the guy she tried to kill.  Even though it was kind of weird that we were wanting the girl who tried to kill someone to end up with that person.  After the movie we went to McD's for supper of course from the dollar menu!!!  We called it our dollar night!!!  Tomorrow Kristin (my best friend) and me are going to go see Harry Potter!  Which I have to borrow some money from my mom to go see.  Oh well I just really want to see it!!!

I get into these crazy moods where I listen to or watch a song or show/movie like crazy!!!  Ok its more like obessed!  hehe  So right now I'm totally obessed with Rome!!!  I love that show!!!  The only thing is I don't have cable so I have to wait until they're on DVDs.  Which really sucks because these DVDs cost an arm and a leg!  So I rent them because I can't find where to download them on-line for free.  I have lime-wire but it took sooo long to download it and then it didn't even turn out and I got a virus from it.  Enough about that I was talking about Rome!  I love Pullo and Eirene!  Their such a cute couple but I found out through a work buddy at work that she dies in the second season!!!  :(  They were in love and going to have a baby!  Which again my friend told me.  So now I'm going crazy because the second season doesn't come out until Aug!!!

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I finally seen Waitress with Nathan Fillion!!!  I loved the movie so much!  I actually went because of Nathan but needed up enjoying it.  The music was really good too.  I loved the song Keri Russel (I think that's how you spell it.) sings while making a pie with her little girl.  I've been singing it for the last few days.  I'm starting to drive my best friend crazy with it.  It just ticked me off that she didn't end up with Nathan's charcter!

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